As you sit here quietly reading this article you will realize improving your credit score is easier than you thought…

Improving your credit score may sound like an impossible task especially when you just want to take advantage of the excellent housing market.

You may feel discouraged, even give up prematurely especially if a lender has turned you down for a home loan.

Even if you do qualify for a home loan, a better credit score may help you qualify for a lower monthly payment!

So you ask, “How do I improve my credit and get the home I desire?”

That my friend is an excellent question!

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Polishing your credit score is actually quite easy.  The hardest part is time.  Some of the factors evaluated in your credit score take time to clean themselves up.  Here are a few things you can do right now to improve you credit score,

Tip 1:  Pay off your credit cards This is probably the biggest immediate impact you can have on your credit score.  Carrying a balance on your credit cards reflects very negatively on your credit score.  The closer the balance is to the credit card’s maximum the more it tarnishes your credit score.  Pick your credit card which is closest to it’s maximum balance.  Pay it off then work your way through your cards paying each one off.

Tip 2:  Build a clean payment history Choose one of your credit cards, preferably the one with the highest limit, to use for personal expenses.  Diligently pay off the entire balance at the end of each month.  This creates a record of on-time payments which reflects well on your credit score.

Tip 3: Close extra credit cards Take your credit cards with the most recently missed payments.  Call the credit card companies and close them out.  This pushes those missed payments further down on your credit report reducing the impact on your credit score.  Note: If possible keep 3 credit cards open to avoid completely erasing your payment history.  The higher the credit limit the better.

Tip 4:  Check your credit report You may be surprised to find unknown creditors; other people’s credit history; identity fraud; blatant typos; and other surprises on your credit report.  Such mistakes are quite common so make sure to take advantage of your free anual credit report at,

Tip 5: Consult an expert Credit repair services are offered everywhere.  The best services are typically offered, for FREE, by lenders.  Many of them will sit down with you one on one and explain how to repair your credit.  I highly recommend doing this as everybody’s situation is different.

Introducing Ian Brannon, Senior Loan Officer & Home Finance Expert

In the below discussion, Ian Brannon spills all of his best tips about improving credit scores.  These tips apply to any credit agency, and any credit score.  They work equally well for home loans, car loans, anything that requires a credit check.  Plus there are tips that even you can complete with ease.  You are going to love it!


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Want to know more about Ian Brannon?

Ian Brannon obtained a degree from Cal Poly in 2002.  He went to work for a major bank as one of the top producers in Northern California.  After a few years he moved back to Tucson Arizona to continue his career in home finance.  He has prided himself in helping thousands of individuals good credit, bad credit and all circumstances to qualify for their dream home.  You can reach him at ian.brannon(at) or by phone at (520) 618-5636

Note:  I highly encourage you to request licensing info for any loan officer you work with.  Here are Ian’s Credentials – NMLS 205989 / BK 0902429 / Nova NMLS 3087