confused about life insurance? Meet too, I don’t want to die let alone think about it. But there’s so many more amazing things you can do with life insurance and NOT die. Jared Grant shares them with us in this awesome podcast. Check it out,

  • What is life insurance
  • How to take care of family in event of death
  • Why coverage is important even person has no income
  • Term vrs whole life and different kinds of life insurance
  • How to receive a tax benefit
  • Mortgage protection plans versus life insurance
  • What coverage amounts make since
  • How to identify best providers
  • What factors into premiums you pay
  • and more

Quick tips from Jared

The most interesting thing I hear Jared share was, many people don’t consider life insurance if the person is not working. For instance, a stay at home mom. However, if that person passed away you would not only have grief but a loss of help. You may have to hire a nanny, or employ daycare services. This is one example of where life insurance is so helpful. Nobody can ever replace the loss of a loved one but money helps so you do not experience additional hardship while mourning your loss.

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More information

I encourage you to follow up with Jared directly at (520) 447-7900 and obtain a no obligation quote today. Jared is awesome, and will educate you on exactly what’s right for you even.