I got a call from a customer a few days ago. He spotted a home that was priced so well it looked to good to be true. We found out it was being auctioned off. So can you get a good deal on an auction site?

  • Identifying their “junk fees”
  • Handicapted due dillgience
  • Hiring a buyer’s agent and getting auction site to pay for them regardless
  • How their “free” title policy costs you.
  • Baking ALL the closing costs into the bid price.
  • and much more.

Quick Tips from Matthew:

It is really unfortunate to see misleading auction sites. There may be some good sites out there but in my experience most of them are a trap and so most agents (and even buyers) avoid them. The banks who use these auction sites really end up getting the shaft as the houses do not sell as well as a result. What does that mean to you? A good buyer’s agent can get find you a great deal on an auction site.

Reference Materials:

  • Keys To Arizona¬†Matthew’s website showcasing his Real Estate Services in Southern Arizona.