Did you know most Realtors want to DO AWAY with home inspections. They are THE source of most issues in home sales. I have a different solution… Let’s use them to our advantage. Here’s how to you can make more or get more using home inspections.

  • What is a home inspection]
  • Increase chances of repairs being accepted by seller
  • Leverage inspections to get a discount on your purchase price
  • As a seller the ONLY important thing is the bottom line / cost & timelyness of repairs
  • How to prepare yourself for home inspections as a seller
  • Avoiding complaints about quality of work
  • Getting deeply discounted repairs through home warranty companies
  • and more…

Quick Tips from Matthew:

Home inspections are a highly debated topic among Real Estate Agents. Inspections are intended to find hidden defects in the home. Items that would effect the buyer’s decision to purchase the home. I see home inspections as a tremendous advantage. We have seen buyers who are fair with the seller get much better deals than otherwise. We have also seen sellers who are prepared for the inspections get top dollar, and quick closings.

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