When I was little my grandma let me cheat at cards so it’s no wonder I always won. Do you want to let your competition cheat when you’re playing Real Estate? My guess is not, find out how to identify the cheaters…

  • What is Real Estate Agency?
  • Dual Agency versus limited dual agency
  • Preserving confidentiality
  • Negotiating Real Estate is like Playing Cards
  • Your motives and options are your cards
  • How to bring forth best market has to bear
  • Identify cheaters aka Real Estate Wolves
  • and more.

Quick Tips from Matthew:

The easiest way to get taken advantage of is not understanding agency. Likely you would not even realise somebody has their hand in your wallet.¬†So you need to take a little time to explain exactly what Agency is…. Think of agency as the players at a game of poker. It is important to know who is playing so you can hide your hand of cards from them. Simple enough, but this is violated every day in Real Estate. The only thing we want to show the marketplace is positivity¬†so we can attract the best the universe has to offer.

Referenced Materials:

  • READE:¬†this form is one of the first forms you should see. It identifies who’s who / who’s at the table playing poker.
  • Consent to Limited Representation: this defines if you are entering a dual agency or limited dual agency.

More About Matthew:

Matthew is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona and super geek. He commands several Real Estate websites seeking to educate consumers on how to Rock the Real Estate market. If ever you are selling a home in Arizona (or would like a referral to sell a home) give him a call. You won’t be dissapointed, you’ll be delighted! You can Real Matthew’s Real Estate hotline at 520-344-3481