My cousin called me and asked the question every agent dreds, “How do I sell my home without an Agent.” I continued with a breakdown of how it works…

  • Conducting market research to value your home
  • What upgrades do you need to sell
  • How many days will you be on the market
  • Taking professional pictures on a budget
  • Creating a tour video
  • Drawing your own floor plan
  • Where to host your ad
  • What is a real estate search engine
  • Where to have title work done
  • And more…

Quick Tips from Matthew:

It only takes a few weeks of study and a test (at least in Arizona) to become an agent. Really anybody can do it. There are a lot of agents out there that do a minimal service. These agents are typically the ones who also brag about having the most sales as they have little time to do much more. We don’t call them top agents, we call them “minimum service” agents as a result. It’s quite easy to replicate at least the marketing side of the services. This along with a good title company can get you a long ways in the way of selling your own home. A good agent is a different story. They may thousands of hours of experience which you’re not going to be able to replicate selling your home on your own. And hiring a good agent is an investment that pays for itself.

Referenced Materials:

  • For Sale by Owner Checklist: what you need to do to get your home listed and on the market without a Real Estate Agent.
  • Residential Seller Disclosure Advisory: this is where selling on your own gets VERY tricky. This is only one of MANY disclosures you are REQUIRED by state and or fedral law to use. You have no way to know of which disclosures are needed without proper training. For instance you may also need a lead based paint disclosure, polypipe, airport, affidavit of dislosure recorded, well, septic, HOA, and more.
  • Minimum Camera Equipment: if using your cell phone you’ll need this clip HERE.  No matter what you need a tripod to take the pictures. This is a lightweight tripod with 3 way head and bubble level HERE that allows you to capture straight lines.
  • Advertising: put your ad up on Zillow, Craigslist, and FSBO websites. FSBO offers syndication to other Real Estate Websites and upgraded services. They’re not necessary but can save you some time. Zillow is the most visited website by buyers.

More about Matthew:

Matthew is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona. He works with a team cooperative team of agents to assemble the best real estate solutions possible. These are based off client needs and marketplace conditions. Make sure to give him a call if you are in Southern Arizona. You can reach him at (520) 344-3481 and or checkout his work at