When I was an engineer, I’d interview with people who didn’t know how to do my job. They had no idea how to qualify me for that which they did not know how to do themselves. Interviewing a Realtor has the same challenges. Learn a few questions to get off in the right direction…

  • Identify buyer myths
  • Be careful of agents who buy homes
  • Spot the wolves in sheep’s cloths
  • Top agent isn’t what you think it is
  • Don’t be dazzled by market place numbers
  • How to qualify agents using photos
  • Spot a true “Internet Marketing Plan”
  • Understand extraneous marketing
  • Marketing that sells your home versus sells your agent
  • How to spot the narcissist
  • Choosing an agent your comfortable with
  • What is their feedback system
  • Do they ask questions about you?
  • and more

Quick Tips from Matthew:

The biggest mistake sellers make is thinking their agent can control the market. Their agent can bring them a cash buyer in the first week, or pull a magic carrot out of their hat and sell home themselves. These are really bait and switch tactics to get you under listing contract with them. When interviewing an agent it’s important to understand that the agent cannot control the marketplace in any way shape or form. They are your LIAISON to the market place. There they guide you to make sure you do the right things and have the best chance to do well selling your home. This takes a solid marketing plan and lots of strategist. So a good agent will be asking you LOTS Of questions and developing a custom plan to get your home sold based off your needs. His tool kit should be well polished. Today most all the tools are on the internet as that is where virtually all the buyers go to find their home.

Referenced Materials:

  • Interview check-list: list of questions to interview listing agents with.
  • Matthew’s Portfolio: a link to Matthew’s Portfolio at Compare the pictures and marketing from the agents you interview to what you find on this website.
  • Matthew’s Client Questionnaire: a good agent is going to be asking you a lot of questions. This is our minimum list of questions for each listing appointment. It also includes our checklist and prescribed homework we assign each client.

More about Matthew:

Matthew is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona. He works with a team cooperative team of agents to assemble the best real estate solutions possible. These are based off client needs and marketplace conditions. Make sure to give him a call if you are in Southern Arizona. You can reach him at (520) 344-3481 and or checkout his work at